Secretary: Vesna Milovic
tel: 323-512
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Secretariat for finance:

  • preparation, planning and drafting of the Municipal Budget; preparation of reports on the implementation of fiscal policy for the current year and proposing guidelines which are basis for planning of revenues and expenditures for the coming year, to be determined by the President of the Municipality; development of expert guidance for the objectives and guidelines for consumer units in order to properly prepare the Budget; prescribing of more detailed content and format of the request for Budget allocations; drafting the decision on temporary financing; monitoring the use of approved funds by spending units; providing the income and expenditure and a budget indebtedness data to the relevant Ministry; preparing reports to Assembly on the use of permanent budget reserve; providing suggestions for making investment decisions in accordance with established investment policy; borrowing activities of the Municipality by issuing debt securities or taking out loans; preparing the decision on the introduction of voluntary contribution (municipal and local); participation in the identification and assessment of municipal assets in the privatization of public enterprises established by the municipality;
  • management of the consolidated treasury account, sub-accounts and other accounts and keeping records of the existing debt of the Municipality; preparing the final Municipal Budget statement; approving the opening of sub-accounts and detailed determining the ways of using these accounts; keeping ledger and auxiliary ledgers; financial planning and cash management; exercising of spending control and budget execution; calculation and payment of wages and salaries of local civil servants and employees of public authorities and services, as consumer units; debt management and indebtedness analysis; Budget Accounting and Reporting, Financial Information System Management;

  • preparation of regulations establishing local public revenues (taxes, local taxes, fees and charges) and analysis of the effects of these regulations in order to propose appropriate fiscal policy; preparation of regulations and other acts that encourage the policy of small and medium-sized enterprises development/tax policy: tax rates, tax relief and tax exemption; creating database, etc….

  • Performing administrative tasks related to the assessment, collection and control of local public revenues (taxes, local taxes, fees and charges), namely: immovable property tax, surtax on personal income tax, local communal fees and other revenues in accordance with the law; passing the decision on determination of liabilities on the basis of local revenues, in accordance with legal regulations; analyzing the extent and effects of income, in order to define the appropriate fiscal policy; keeping a register of taxpayers and regular coordination with the state registry of real estate register kept by the administrative body for real estates;

  •  preparation of informational and other professional materials for the Assembly and the President of the Municipality; preparing expert opinions and declarations on the initiatives of constitutionality and legality assessment of municipal regulations and regarding authentic interpretation of municipal regulations in these areas; performing other tasks within the competence of Municipality in these areas;

  •  monitoring the situation and proposing measures to encourage agriculture; preparation of regulations in this area; approval for change of use of agricultural land; acting on requests for temporary use of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes; proposing measures for the suppression of agricultural damage; issuing certificates to individual producers for their own production of agricultural products; proposing and participating in the implementation of measures for the encouragement and development of agricultural production and cattle breeding through credit arrangements and other insentives; proposing and monitoring of agro-budget in cooperation with other entities; proposing measures for the protection of agricultural land from natural disasters; performing duties within its competence in the field of olive growing, sea fishing and aquaculture, hunting, cattle breeding and herbs protection;

  •  monitoring financial situation, preparation of regulations and proposing activities for the promotion of balanced regional development of the Municipality by adaptation of developmental needs at the municipal and regional level with the development priorities at the national level in accordance with the funds available on the state and municipality level and the development funds from the European Union; monitoring and proposing the measures for the implementation of Regional Development Strategy of Montenegro for the region and municipality; participation in the preparation and process of adoption of the Strategic Development Plan of the Municipality; preparing and submitting to the Ministry an annual report on the implementation of development projects; proposing the implementation of incentive measures for balanced regional development of the Municipality in accordance with the Law and Strategy and participation in the implementation of incentive measures; participation in the preparation of municipal development programs and individual activities and multi-year investment plan; collection and updating of information on companies’ interests for investing, information on projects of donor activities support and credit lines for businesses and entrepreneurs; monitoring the financial situation, collection and processing of data on initiatives for the development of certain economic activities and their importance for the development of entrepreneurship; participation in the privatization of public enterprises from the utilities field; analyzing and proposing arrangements for involving the private sector and the conditions for concessions granting; participation in the implementation of government measures to stimulate the development of strategic industries (agriculture, tourism);

  •  cooperation with travel agencies and organizations, and businesses in the tourism and catering;

  •  preparing and monitoring program for the tourist season;

  •  cooperation with the competent ministries;

  •  proposing the best entrepreneurs and companies for the assignment of appropriate awards in the field of tourism and agriculture; monitoring and analysis of the demand and supply of building lots and apartments, and proposing ways for participation in build housing for people in need, and other categories of the population; participation in creating the conditions and organization of fairs and other similar events; providing suggestions and support for the implementation of certain initiatives through loans; participation in the promotion and implementation of activities for tourism development; initiation and promotion of attractive tourist destinations in the Municipality; determining the eligibility of business premises in terms of technical equipment, and other specified requirements for conducting tourism activities; authorization for catering and tourism industry and management of register of such facilities; conducting preparatory work and drafting of regulations on establishing local tourism organizations; participation in the meetings of the local tourism organization and implementation of appropriate cooperation; and; validation of book of complaints and tariffs for the provision of catering and tourism services; performing other tasks related to the performance of all types of activities in accordance with the law; receiving and registering of complaints for conducting trade, craft and other activities in accordance with the law; issuing licenses for the public transport of passengers and cargo in the national road transport, especially for regular urban and suburban transport, taxis and freight transport in the event that the carrier is an individual, and the issuance of approval for transport for own needs;