For significant and attractive position, between the mountains Orjent (1895 m) and the entrance of one of the most beautiful bays in the world Boka Bay, lies the amphitheater of Herceg-Novi, the youngest medieval buildings in the Adriatic.

Located at 42 "27 'north latitude and 18" 33' east longitude. Municipality of Herceg-Novi covers an area of ​​235 km2 and has a population of 30,864 (Census 2011) and includes the settlements Herceg Novi, Njivice, vignettes, spulja, Igalo, Sutorina, Prijevor, Mojdež, Ratiševina, Sušćepan, Trebesin, Stone and wetness, Krusevice, trifle, Vrbanj, Ubli, gutter, Flooring, Meljine, Zelenika, Kuti, Sasovići, Kumbor, Djenovici, Baosici, Bijela, Jošica, Kamenari, Djuric, Bjelske Krusevice, Repaji, Rose, Zabrđe, kids, Radovanići, Mrkovi, Brguli and Mardari.


The city has a specific microclimate, which is conditional on the southern exposition, proximity to the sea, limestone substratum and mountainous hinterland which prevents the penetration of cold air masses. The climate is Mediterranean: warm and dry summers and mild winters. Herceg Novi has a very high average annual air temperature is 16.2 0C (approximately the same feature Mediterranean cities such as Naples and Lisbon), and even an annual average of about 200 sunny days. The sea temperature in summer is about 24 0C. Salinity is 38% is 0. Average annual precipitation is 1,930 mm / m2. Relative humidity in summer is 63%, while in autumn reaches up to 80% .Srednji air pressure is 1011milibara. In the summer, in July and August, the city has an average 10.7 hours of sunshine a day, while the annual average of 6.5 hours of sunshine per day. Characteristic are also the small temperature fluctuations so that the average daily temperature oscillations only about 4 0C. The average daily temperature of sea water during the summer months from 22 - 26 0C and about the same average daily air temperature allows bathing season lasting more than five months.

Wind Rose

Characteristic winds that blow are mistral -Western wind blows mainly in summer; -sjeverni bora wind blows mostly in winter; south - south wind blows mostly in winter; Sirocco - južnivjetar blows during the year; there are more and Greg, Levant, Tramontana, oštrijal and pulenat - less frequent winds.

Relief characteristics

Above New rises Mount Orjen (1,895 m known for its endemic species, recreational trails and skiing in the late spring and sometimes early summer months). The surrounding hills Dobraštica (1,570 m) and Radostak (1,441 m). Opposite the city there is a peninsula Lustica, which is the highest peak Obosnik (586 m). The entrance to the Bay is situated between the capes Ostro and Mirište and width is 2,900 meters.

Sea currents in the bay of Herceg lower the intensity, except during heavy rains, when the output current in the channel reaches a speed of 2.5 knots. Sea currents often change direction, but the main coming and going from the southeast to the northwest. The average water depth in the Bay is 27.8 meters and the maximum is 61 meters.